What Goes On A Site Plan?

Even though there are 28,000 different interpretations of what should be on this very important portion of the plan review documents, providing the following items will get you through most building departments.

  • North arrow
  • Full Legal Description
  • Tax parcel number
  • Zoning designation
  • Name of Owner
  • Owner’s address and phone number
  • Address of property if known
  • Name of contact person if not owner
  • Phone number contact person
  • e-mail address contact person
  • Vicinity map
  • Property lines clearly marked with bearings and measurements
  • Location of all easements
  • Location of all existing structures
  • Setbacks of structure from all property lines
  • Location of on site sewage disposal systems and wells
  • Location of driveway, type and width and length
  • Location of proposed structures, roof overhangs, decks,
  • landscaping
  • Utility connections
  • Parking available
  • Two foot contours
  • Elevation of all property corners
  • Public streets and sidewalks adjacent to property
  • Location of bodies of water, streams, wetlands etc.
  • Square footage of proposed lot coverage as percentage of total lot
  • Elevation of first floor above finished lot grade
  • Storm drainage system
  • Connection of roof drains to what
  • Erosion control measures to be used
  • Parking for accessibility on commercial projects
  • Location of any critical areas such as steep slopes

    Some jurisdictions might want as many as 12-16 copies of site plan while others may just need 2-3 depending on the type of project.

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