Permit Fees Can Surprise You!

Building permit fees can be staggering. If we only had to pay the building permit fees charged by building departments for administering that part of the process if would certainly be affordable.

Most building permit fees and building permit costs run in the range of 3-4% for smaller projects to less than 1% for those in the $million range.

The Uniform Building Code, National Building Code and new International Building Code all publish recommended building permit fees. The Standard Building Code does not recommend any particular building permit fees but leaves that to the local jurisdictions. Not all building departments use the recommended building permit fees in the first two codes listed above.

Now, here are the biggest permitting costs for your project. It is Land Use. Depending on the jurisdiction where your project is located, you might have pages and pages of fees that might apply for a multitude of land use items.

Usually not listed in a schedule of fees are impact fees for schools, roads and parks. It is not uncommon for total fees for an average three bedroom home to be in the $9000-$10,000 range. We have provided a link to a typical County jurisdiction and their fee schedule as an aid to help you understand what fees you might expect when estimating a project. 

These fees for this typical jurisdiction are not near as high as some of the other 28,000 jurisdictions in the United States.

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